Civil Litigation

The lawyers at Twining, Short & Haakonson focus primarily on complex civil litigation cases. Even the seemingly simplest of civil litigation cases can be legally complex. Navigating the rules of court, keeping up on the latest statutory and judge-made law, and developing a sense for achieving the best result only comes with experience. Our lawyers achieve this in even the most complex of litigation cases.

Construction Litigation

Our primary focus, within the area of construction litigation, is the defence of design professionals such as architects, professional engineers and surveyors. In addition, we act for contractors and owners on various matters, including construction extras claims and builders liens.

Municipal and Local Government Law

We also focus on the defence of local governments throughout the province in actions involving defective construction, fire loss and personal injury. In addition, we assist local governments in drafting and interpreting their building bylaws, policies and procedures.

Professional Negligence

We defend architects, professional engineers, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, accountants and lawyers in civil proceedings at all court levels from Provincial Court through to the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition, we prosecute and defend disciplinary proceedings on behalf of architects, professional engineers, accountants and quantity surveyors.

Real Estate Defence

We defend civil actions involving realtors.

Bylaw Enforcement

We act for local governments in the enforcement of bylaw requirements within their jurisdiction.

Environmental Law

We defend professionals involved in civil environmental actions. We also defend criminal prosecutions involving marine transportation and forestry clients.

Fire Loss

We prosecute and defend civil actions arising out of fire damage claims. This includes subrogation proceedings for insurers and the defence of design professionals and building contractors.

Insurance Coverage

We provide insurance coverage advice to insurers and insureds. We prosecute and defend claims for insurance coverage under CGL policies and errors and omissions policies in the British Columbia Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, as well as before neutral coverage evaluators and arbitrators.

Product Liability

We prosecute and defend civil actions involving product defect claims and failure to warn claims.

Health Law

We provide legal services in health law, including administrative law matters, adult guardianship and medical malpractice defence.

Professional Regulation

We also offer legal advice and services relating to professional regulation and act as independent counsel for administrative tribunals.