A Few Words About Us

What We Offer

We have the legal experience and resources to identify the issue or issues at the core of a legal problem, focus in on the essential facts, evaluate and assess risk early, report promptly, clearly and concisely to our clients. We strive for clarity.

We provide advice on insurance coverage issues. We also offer mediation and arbitration services in aid of dispute resolution.

Our Expertise

Our lawyers keep apprised of the latest developing legal principles and case law in our areas of practice.

With the collective wealth of legal experience that our lawyers have, we are able to prosecute and defend cases in a cost-effective manner with excellent results.

At the heart of Twining, Short & Haakonson practice is advising clients and representing parties in the field of insurance-based litigation. Insurance is a central part of daily commercial and personal life and the legal issues that arise are diverse and challenging.

The lawyers at Twining, Short & Haakonson bring a wide range of experience to the needs of the clients we represent. Litigation can be time-consuming. Our lawyers use the court rules, opportunities for case management and alternative dispute resolution to move matters toward a resolution as early as is possible and appropriate.

Our areas of expertise include construction disputes, professional negligence and discipline, errors and omissions, products liability, municipal law, bylaw enforcement, environmental law, marine law, fire loss, and insurance coverage issues.

Over many years we have represented, and continue to represent, clients at arbitrations, mediations, disciplinary hearings, trial and appeals.

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