Case Overview

After opening a new file at our firm, our immediate task is to provide an early assessment of the matter from a factual and legal point of view. If the matter involves litigation, we form an immediate comprehensive plan for disposition as well as a budget based on the predictable stages of the litigation.

The law applicable in every litigation matter is often fact driven. Once the facts are determined, it is important to apply the legal principles in a manner that makes legal sense. The lawyers at Twining, Short & Haakonson are adept at this.

The legal principles are, of course, very important in every case. Driving those principles, however, are the facts. Determining the facts in each case requires a great deal of care – what may seem a minor factual issue can have extensive effects in litigation. Our focus is, therefore, to determine the relevant facts comprehensively and completely at the outset.

We report in a format that best suits our clients’ needs. Whenever we can, we communicate using electronic technology, eliminating paper and focusing on the essentials. We set and work toward deadlines and within set budgets.